A defence on absence

Writing about something requires passion or at least a heavy commitment to progress regardless of contravening factors. To be passionate and eloquent about a wide range of things is, I believe a skill that many, including of course myself, desire. Yet as Cordelia once complained, I ‘cannot heave my heart into my mouth’, you can no more force yourself to care about something than you can learn to fly with just a wanton disregard for the consequences of gravity. Even once I have found a subject that leaves me caring and intrigued, often this interest is the result of a preexisting work that puts any scribbles I may make to shame.

This is all a very long winded way of justifying to a future me or indeed if this blog is read by any other than Tim, my lackadaisical nature in regards to the updates on this site. I can only offer humble apology and promise that the next time something I find anything even remotely passion inspiring I will make the effort to put text to page.

Post script; I wrote this on my phone, on the train. As such I am letting any errors stand as they are.

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