Watch Dogs

I watched about five seconds of the new Watch Dogs trailer and turned off, because I really don’t want to know more about this game. Going into any media with preconceived notions usually turns out badly, whether it’s a show that I thought had aspects of science-fiction in it and throughout the first episode my mind gradually realized how wrong I was, or whether it’s the Skyfall problem. To explain a little, I saw Skyfall at a midnight screening, adverts had been plastered throughout television and the internet for months before hand and despite my best efforts I had probably seen the trailer or clips from the film at least once or twice beforehand. This wouldn’t have been that much of a problem, after all despite my ability to retain random scenes to frustrating degree so the film becomes partially ‘Clearly this case in the subway isn’t over because the subway train has to come through the wall’. No, what really got me was the four placements beforehand that used scenes from the film, the recent James Bond films have been rotten with product placement and while I get it, movie making isn’t cheap and MGM haven’t exactly been the most flush company in existence in the past five years or so. Despite that I really have no wish to see scenes from a film that I’m going to see just prior to the film itself, make new scenes, pay Mr. Craig exorbitant amounts of money to throw explosive Coke bottles at people or something original rather than hijacking the film footage and playing it right before the movie itself.

So Watch Dogs might be terrible or it might be a great game, I’m willing to see review scores before I buy it but I’ll be dammed before I willingly watch all of a trailer, it invariably taints the experience for me and I would rather let it stand or not on its own merits.

P.S. Goddamn was it hard to avoid footage from Gravity before seeing that particular film.

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