A Stream of Constant Noise

Time to try something different, the object of this blog is at least partially to discuss things that twitter would simplify in a way that distorts the conversation unhelpfully.

The Rules of Attraction, first thoughts; the way the suicide scene is shot juxtaposes it with the sexual climax previously. The denouement for both women is ultimately unsatisfying. Both acts are tied to James Van Den Beaks character (Peter is the fake name he gives, I don’t remember the real one) ah Bateman, it’s unclear the roommates motivations for sleeping with him at this point.

While the revelation of the constance presence of the girl is somewhat over wrought it fits with the frantic style that pops in and out of the film.

More possibly later.

My god Victor, that was an explosion of imagery and noise, I think he might end badly.

Oh god, no one knows anyone both literally and metaphorically. Ha!

I feel as though unsubtlness has been perfected in films over the last fourteen years, here it feels as though its trying a little too hard. But then again Starship Troopers managed satire of the most overt kind without it feeling forced. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy my time with the film, but it didn’t capture me the same way that say, Spring Breakers did.

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