The Confession and Manifesto of a Lethargic Student

I started my M.A. with a mission statement namely, learning was its own reward and regardless of my disenchantment with academic institutions I would continue to explore the different tenets and ideologies so I might learn more about the world around me, I would make the world bigger for myself. But in praxis I have allowed these ill feelings and outside agitators to supplant the foundations on which I approached edification, this in turn has lead to an apathetic limp in the completion of my academic pursuits. So here I am, seventeen weeks before I have to hand in what will most probably be my last foray in formal education, supposedly knuckling down for the single largest assignment I have ever written. Yet I am lethargic and letting slip what should be the crowning pursuit of a combination of six years at university, so what am I going to do? Rather than appeal to a lofty ideal as to why I should enjoy and subsequently work harder on my assignment, I  however offer this far more pragmatic resolution that I will do what is necessary to complete this assignment to a quality that is reflective of the time and expense that I have put in, so I have the degree that I deserve. This is why I, Tim Lewis, pledge to write a minimum of 1000 words a week effective immediately.

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